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I’m back. Touch it! September 11, 2008

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I’m back on the bloggings sporting my new iPod touch. I’m writing this on the touch as we speak, sortof.

I’m much happier so far than I was with the phone.

More to come later. Look out for random posts during the day!


On a lighter note… September 6, 2008

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You have to love SF and catering to tourists.


Palin. Final straw.

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I’m literally stunned at the Republican party and Sarah Palin. I’m actually a Republican, not that it matters which you are anymore – as both parties have strayed from their beliefs. No matter what they say.

I’m voting for Obama of course, because I think Republicans have gone off the rails with choosing McCain and Palin.

The only reason they chose her is so that we can finally drill the shit out of Alaska.

I’m today truly sad to be American, despite my love for America.


Goodbye iPhone, you are not missed. September 2, 2008

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So my iPhone 3G basically crapped out. Long story short, the firmware and OS went nuts and actually over-heated pretty bad. Sorry I don’t have pics of it, but I was in a rush to get my money back from Apple and then head over to ATT to get one of these


New Blackberry Curve

New Blackberry Curve

I’m still learning all the shortcuts which is cool. I really only ever needed email, my calendar and a RELIABLE phone. This guy handles all of that with ease. Way to go!

On the iPod front, I think I’ll get a iPod Touch to handle my music and all of the apps that I bought for the iPhone.


Sorry I’ve been away for a while…

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I have family in town so I haven’t been posting much. Dad and Ryder are in town and if you want to see live updates of the pictures we have been taking – you can visit my web gallery at