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thoughts on nasal irrigation December 31, 2008

Filed under: unsolicited feedback — doctortre @ 06:19

So thanks to about 6000 miles of air travel, one sick Venezuelan woman, many beers, and weather that goes from 30 degrees to 75 in one day – my sinuses are fucked. 

In keeping with the “spiritual” nature of San Francisco doctors, instead of antibiotics, you get a “natural” way to prevent things from getting worse. Nasal Irrigation! Long story short, a pot of warm water and what feels like salt is poured into your nose and then comes out everywhere except where expected. It certainly makes for an interesting bathroom visit.

However they do love to dose out Codeine for coughs like its something over the counter. I take mine with Sprite and a few frozen Strawberries. Delightful.

Check out the pic of the instructions for the “Neti Pot Nasal Thingy” – check the woman in the process of administering the device. That smile she has on is total bullshit. 



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