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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard January 6, 2009

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It couldn’t be simpler!

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Happy 78th Birthday Sean Connery August 26, 2008

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Scottish acting legend Sir Sean Connery will celebrate his 78th birthday by launching his memoirs at a sell-out event in Edinburgh He will discuss the book with his friend and co-writer Murray Grigor at the Edinburgh International Book Festival later.

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Smartest of the smartphones coming? August 23, 2008

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Is the smartest of the smartphones coming to the tech world? Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung beware if the website, devoted to this new wonder, is to be trusted then we have 28 more days for the launch of the 01 Phone

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11 Year-Old’s Organic Veggie Stand Shut Down by CA Mayor

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A child
’s veggie stand was shut down for lack of permits by town officials. What’s next, no lemonade stands, bake sales or car wash fundraisers?

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holy shit i want this thing.


St. Maarten August 22, 2008

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Maho beach – that little thin strip of sand that this KLM 747 is almost on top of, will be my next vacation spot. All I want is a beer, a chair on the centerline, and a ton of sunblock. 

I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning.


Rumored iTunes subscription would be a bargain

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Repeat after me: it’s just a rumor. Record company sources deny it. But if Apple is indeed going to offer an all-you-can-download iTunes subscription service for for $129.99 a year (or $179.99 a year with Mobile Me), other subscription services will have a hard time surviving.

Let’s review for a moment, shall we?

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