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POLL: WordPress or back to making glorious bloggings’ in iWeb? February 26, 2009

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So I really digg WordPress. I like the easy to change themes, as well as the fact that I can blog from my iPod touch – so fucking easy.

However I’m not that technical with this, and embedding video or other html is seemingly impossible unless I install what looks to be a nightmare of files (manually) to do desktop publishing to a WordPress FTP. Too complicated.

I can barely keep this thing going as is!

With iWeb I can do more, and tightly integrate it into, my home/splash page. But it also means I can only really blog from the iMac, unless I manually import some shit into my Macbook Pro to maintain the site there. If it helps I have a 3G card for my Pro, so I can technically update from Mars.

If anyone actually reads this crap, let me know what you think.

I. am. a damned. nerd.


Spaceship Earth August 27, 2008

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I want to go here. I think if more people were able to, we’d be better humans and treat our home better.